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Han Peeters

About the Author:
After writing for the Dutch audience in my native Netherlands, I am ready to introduce my work in the United States. My name is Han Peeters and I currently live in Prinsenbeek, Holland. I am the Dutch author of ten fiction and non-fiction books. My second novel, The New World Order, has been translated into English. It is available on in traditional print and eBook format.

The New World Order

Emile van Straten, art historian, scientist and writer is travelling around the world on his yacht with his girlfriend Jenny. Just when they are ready to cross the Gulf of Biscay, Emile receives a request from Unesco to lead a team of investigators on the Azores. Their assignment is to research a map of Atlantis that has been discovered there. Emile is on his way to the Azores anyway, so he agrees. Since the couple cannot resume their passage across the Atlantic until the end of November, he will be able to stay in the service of Unesco until then.
While at sea and about 36 hours before they are to reach the Azores, the weather is warm, clear and calm; water as smooth as glass. Because the winds are calm, they are using the motor instead of the sails. Emile, Jenny and a passenger are all busy with their activities when the radar alarm goes off. Emile does not pay much attention to the alarm.  After all, no apparent obstacle can be seen in the wide-open waters. Suddenly, the yacht pounds against an upright wall of water. The Davy Jones steadies itself in the roiling sea, water pouring inside through the open shutters. The yacht is sitting on the top of some type of plateau and it has suffered damage. Emile assesses the damage done to the yacht. At that moment, a thunderstorm rumbles over, even though there is not a cloud in the sky. For their own safety, the trio goes inside. A thunderbolt hits the mast and a lightning ball develops indoors, which causes damage in the living room of the yacht. Emile, Jenny and the passenger are frightened; not just by the lightning ball, but that it was in the shape of Zeus’ face.
Later, they discover that what they sailed into was a group of concentric circles formed in the same way the capital Atlantis was built, according to the philosopher Plato, and the magical circles of Yang Hui, a Chinese mathematician from the year 1275 (Song-dynasty).
After reaching the island Terceira, one of the nine islands of the Azores, Emile makes an important discovery. He finds a symbol that makes it possible for him to explain the mysteries of the world, such as the Pyramids of Giza, the mysterious statues of Easter Island, but also the secret of the Nazca plane in Peru. The symbol also offers a surprising perspective of the street map of Washington DC. With the aid of the symbol, he makes extraterrestrial contact with Kronos, Zeus’ father, who sent his son to our planet a long time ago with the aim of colonization. In the meantime, Kronos has lost all interest, because humanity will destroy itself due to ignorance and greed. He only sees one solution: Emile must take the lead to change the tide. However, Emile is not at all interested. He feels that, if humanity needs to be saved, the humans have to do so themselves, because he doesn’t believe he possesses such power. After all, he does not want a job for which he did not apply.
However, he cannot escape the fact that the symbol he discovered turns out to be one of the best kept secrets of the freemasonry. Eventually, he and Jenny developed some powerful enemies and they needed to go into hiding. Emile must now apply himself to battling the ignorance and greed. In collaboration with his friend Jonathan, he establishes the OcOmmunity, based on a new vision for a better and more honest world according to the Osism, which is based on absolute equality regardless of sex, origin, race and religion. It is also a manifesto for a worldwide ultimate democracy.  Will it be enough to save the world from destruction?

·        In a light-hearted narrative style the author offers a mix of elements from In The Name of the Rose and The Da Vinci Code. It is very interesing and easy to read. I highly recommend this book.
·        The unlimited inventive and thrilling creative power of the author, in both language and plot, as well as the global solutions, make that this book will continue to shimmer.
·        A beautiful combination of fiction and true facts, it made me Google frequently for specifics. I learnt new facts from this book. And there is absolutely something more between heaven and earth.
·        A masterly epos in which diverging theories make an appearance. The mythology with its gods, the old philosophers, freemasonry, geometry, mysticism, religion and the global problems. As reader I   was  amazed that it brought me a world which might be possible.

Since February 2016 my second translated book is available

The Last Prophet

Long ago, Hades’ sea journey from Atlantis in a western direction took him towards the region that we now call Central America. Zeus, accompanied by his pantheon ended up in Greece.

In The Last Prophet, a fierce battle between good and evil ensues. It starts in antiquity and continues into the future. Emile van Straten successfully establishes a global true democracy based on Osism without borders and political leaders. Although the world in Osism is flourishing, it is soon revealed that Hades as the god of evil is the only god from Greek mythology who is still alive. 

As a sequel to The New World Order, The Last Prophet can be read as an independent story, which stands on its own.

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